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MCC vs Settimo Tigers June 14th 2009

Oh so you want more detail than that ? If you insist………. but are you ready to talk Tiger ?

It has been remarked upon before that the MCC can bowl – but frequently lets itself down by batting irresponsibly  - this game turned out to be the one that was won / lost by the batsmen. 

Another glorious day, a nice cool afternoon temperature in preparation for Zuoz ( ha ha )  and 9 MCCers turned up along with 14, 632 tigers of various shapes and sizes. I can’t say I know who won the toss but Milan took the field – two points worth noting : the first two bowlers were uncharacteristically ineffective, but more peculiarly the Tigers seemed disinclined to do much running, content just to swat loose deliveries away to the boundary -  and this somewhat lazy attitude resulted in them maintaining a run rate of just about six an over from start to finish – it wasn’t until the eighth over that Sunny,on loan from Lodi for the day broke through with the ball dismissing a large Bengal Stripey – the succession of Siberian whites, Javan short tails and Armenian long claws ( I made that one up )   saw absolutely no change in the batting philosophy – “ if – I - can’t- get- it- to- the - ropes – I - ain’t –running”, so the MMC just had to see how well the could perform in the field by limiting boundaries – it must be mentioned that some difficult catches were put down and there were occasional bits of fielding madness, but the static  batting  saw the total march on – whereupon the Tigers, finding themselves on 131 for 5 suddenly decide to throw the bat at every delivery and upgrade their species from “endangered” to “extinct” :  a marvellous spell of insanity as they lost five wickets for 13 runs – special mention to the star bowler Sunny who really shone ( well he would with a name like that ), finishing with figures of 5 for 25 off 5 overs, the MCC bowlers getting one wicket apiece – Sunil the pick of this bunch with figures of 1 for 12 off five. 

                            *                 *                 *                 *                 * 

The senseless second over run out notwithstanding, the MCC settled down to the task of batting – with brains – loose deliveries were dispatched with aplomb, but the score book will also show  lots of singles – the Tigers batting approach was very individualistic, but the MCC built some partnerships – opener Ramesh was out LBW for 22, Craig indulging in  a rare moment of madness was bowled for 41 ( he y ho there goes the average .. )  and it was left to Sunny and Nand to calmly craft decent innings to see the MCC over the finish line with some 3 overs to spareand 6 wickets in hand , Nand getting a much needed unbeaten 21 and Sunny 33 –  and on a final note it was touching to see all 3 Ross Gowers operating on the pitch within inches of each other : one bowling, one umpiring and the other scoring under paternal supervision – tho’ I cannot mention any of the Tiger bowlers by name  as this is how they are listed in the score book …. 

Red hat

White cap

White hat

No hat


Green hat  

… but the best one of all is Emily’s description of the final bowler  ….. “rabbit” 

( well we started out with a tiger theme, moved into millinery so why shouldn’t we finish with something leporine ? ) 












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