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Milan C.C. vs
Terenure Walnuts : July 26th 2008 


Back to the JFK, then,  for  possibly the final game in our nomadic status the new ground at Settimo Milanese should be ready for some games in September. 

Certainly the visiting side were struggling in the oppressive heat even before they donned their whites ! So to be nice to them we had them bat first at this point I ask your forgiveness as I had no access to the names of the Walnut batsmen and they put on a very cautious display indeed – the run rate stayed at around 2.5runs an over for almost all the match, and  Milan allowed themselves the luxury of inviting everyone to have a bowl the opening bowlers were extremely economical, and as is often the case the bowlers who bowled worse got more reward I offer Ross’s bowling as evidence!!  Worthy of note was the Walnuts’ florid top scoring opener who stayed around for 22 overs of the innings. The Walnuts succeeded in upping the run rate to around four towards the end but their final total of 105 for 9 from 30 overs was obviously not going to be enough, even taking into account Milan’s tendency for  hara-kiri batting.  Compliments to Milan for looking sharp in the field (exemplary catches from Sunil) and for giving the Walnuts a chance by dishing up some  variable bowling (I offer Ross’s bowli... oh crikey: did I say that already? ) 

It would have been extremely difficult to lose this one no pace in the bowling, and although Stephen Lockett was dismissed in the second over, senior batsmen Chris Morgan and David Sweetman,  rarely troubled by the bowlers,  both compiled good scores: David retired on 25 to spare the Walnuts’ blushes, and Chris batted through the innings to finish the day on 33 not out.    Robert Cuffley chipped in with 9 before being bowled, and then Ross finished off the job remaining unbeaten on 27 do  I have to mention he hit the only six of the day ?  I do ? ok Ross hit the only six of the day. 

Well in cricketing terms it will not get any more one-sided than this. Still, thanks to the Walnuts for coming out here I am told they put up a better performance the following day in their match against Lodi... 

So that is it for  now I wish you all a fab summer break and hope to see you all at the new ground I am sure David  will be updating us about this in due course, but  please bear in mind that your participation is vital to ensure the future of the club. 

Best wishes to all, 































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