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Milan C.C. vs Idle C.C. May 31st 2009

Mene mene tekel ubatsmen

(from St Paul’s letter to the Irresponsilites, Chapter 3, verse 8  - translated literally from Aramaic: You batsmen have been weighed in the balance and found wanting) 

Full team, fine weather, well-prepared pitch, toss won —what more could you want?  

Normally a match report would review individual innings, but I depart from the norm and invite you to consider the following list of the batsmen and their scores … 

Ramesh:  17

Stephen:  15

Sunil:  11

Craig:  12

Jonathan:  14 

….And here is (probably) what went through their minds during their innings:  

“ Ok—here we go—Christ, who’s that bowling ? Oh, him , well hope I don’t get a duck—ok ok ok here he comes —Yes!—a run—God isn’t it hot—right—let’s back up— off we go—ok I’m facing again—only one more to face this over—yup—another run—so far so good—couple of decent strokes there—even David would have approved of those—bowling doesn’t seem up too much—let’s post a score of 200 and show those Lodi lot who’s boss come on come on concentrate—ok another run—wonder how many I’ve got now ?  Hey still I’m still here, looking pretty good—let’s think about my average —these bowlers aren’t doing anything with the ball at all—loose delivery !!!!! aaaaannnnnnnddd …….away she goes ! God that was SO good—I can get a really good score today because clearly I can hit everything and I am invincible—ok - bowler on his way—watch THIS for a shot !!…..” 

And there we all were, back in the beer tent wondering why the scorer, when filling in the “how out” column, had written “due to own stupidity” 

You may think this is harsh—but consider that in spite of the indifferent bowling and poor fielding  Milan contrived to close their innings on 103 with some  twelve overs still to play. 

So Milan took the field wondering whether they could really skittle Lodi out for under a hundred—after the first two loose overs (22 runs conceded !! )  nerves settled as the bowlers found some rhythm—and then the wickets started falling in a regular way! I do not have the chronology of events to hand, so the points worthy of mention are : we took 6 catches: Bhavesh 3, Jonathan 2, and Stephen 1—and the bowlers all performed well—2 wickets for Sunil, 2 for Jack, and one apiece for Atul, Balwant, and Ramesh—but Lodi made it over the line with 2 wickets in hand—you might argue that the two relatively easy catches that were put down might have made a difference, but we should have scored more—a lot more—in my humble opinion it was ours to win—we were the better team but we batted our way out of it and just failed to bowl ourselves back into it.

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