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Milan C.C. vs Idle C.C.
September  28th 2008 

“...and I shall smite thee down using my Kookaburra”

 (Samuel L Jackson in the film “Pulp Fiction”) 

Well we looked good on paper, we were armed with more kookaburras than a gum tree everybody turned up on time, the weather was good – even the bar  had some beer ! And we won the toss : what could possibly go wrong ?  

So we decided to bat and bat we did and opener Craig (plus Kookaburra) treated us to a flawless century comprising a dozen 4s and 2 sixes, giving absolutely no chances at all: a superb masterclass. Meanwhile number 2 batsman Gyan kept him company the partnership was worth 91 when Gyan skied one and was duly caught having scored 17. No respite for Lodi, tho’,  as Sunil, who had been straining at the leash while Craig went about his business, went in brandishing his Kookaburra and set about emulating Craig’s performance try as they might Lodi were just unable to find any chink in Milan’s armour on reaching his hundred Craig declared himself retarded   I’m sorry: that should read  “retired” but the flow of runs kept coming, and the run rate crept up past 6 an over. Cap’n Ross went in to bat and almost went for a duck, but the gods  smiled on him this  innings twice and he started to build himself a score before being caught off Dushanta’s bowling (should I mention the enormous 6 he hit into the stand ? No, I don’t think so) the innings closed on 222 for the loss of two wickets in just 32 overs, Sunil remaining unbeaten on 68 (hitting 7 fours). 

I think Idle knew from the start they didn’t really stand a chance, what with not having any Kookaburras (I promise I won’t mention the “K” word again), Milan knew who the potential  dangermen were, and some good bowling choices and intelligent field management by the captain saw the batsmen struggling to compete: the Lodi run rate never looked like overtaking the Milan one. The top order all got off the mark, but the wickets started to fall: new boy Jimmy bowled Steve Osbourne for 5, second new boy Richard Hamilton deserves a mention for bowling well although without reward, Gyan first  bowled Sunny (top scorer with 27) and then had De Silva caught (19)   which brought Shanta to the crease we all know how he can affect a game, but this was just beyond him, and he seemed not to have the will to fight, and Sunil, bowling very tidily first had Dushanta out LBW (17) then bowled Shanta for 26 Lodi had now lost their top 5 with less than 100 on the board and all the fight went out of them Jack RG came on to bowl, and he and Sunil mopped up the lower order, meeting little or no resistance –Jack took 3 wickets, Sunil 4: Lodi all out for 115. Compliments to all the bowlers: Milan gave away far fewer extras this time round, bowled very sensibly and really took the attack to the batmen who were facing an uphill struggle from the start. We play Idle again in two weeks’ time and they may be out for revenge...














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