Founded 1972 and honorary member of the Federazione Cricket Italiana

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Membership form 2013

Until now, the club has been able to function without strict emphasis on annual fees, permitting new players to discover the world of cricket, while encouraging  older members to take fuller responsibility for general costs.

With the evolution of the new ground, we are no longer able to function in this way having fixed expenses of over 10,000 each year.

We are, therefore,  encouraging all players to become members.

Members of Milan Cricket Club must pay their annual membership fee as early as possible. These members will be registered as Full Members of M.C.C. Any players who do not make this contribution will remain as Non-Paying Members.


Adults:  100

Under 18:  25

Students: 25 with additional contributions welcome


10 for single games

15 for  weekends games

Children under 12: 5  per game, and 10 per weekend

Preference might  be given to full time members when selecting a team.
We look forward to your help and contributions to assist us in our efforts to raise funds and improve the standard of cricket in the Milan Cricket Club.




Maintaining a sports club is usually not cheap. Until now, the Milan Cricket Club has focused on social values, avoiding the  commercial aspects of sport with expenses being met by members old and new.

The advent of the ground at Settimo Milanese, as of April  2009, has had a  positive impact on our future, but brings with it a different cost reality. To confront the expense of ground maintenance at Settimo, we are now looking  for help through donations. All funds received from donors are  accounted for in the club's financial records. A donors' list will be published on this website.

To donate to the Milan C.C., please contact Mr Jonathan Legge, the club's treaurer.

e-mail Jonathan Legge











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