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Kingsgrove September 12th 2009 

Another day, another game ! Last chance saloon – could Milan  bat to their full potential before the season ends ? Hmmmmm – and we are up against the big boys today -  always a peculiar game, as you know the opposition has tons of talent, but you never know whether they are inclined to use it all or not.. 

Milan lost the toss and were asked to field – the opening 6 overs were of a high quality, Yogesh and Sunil making life uncomfortable for the batsmen, and it was Sunil who had Islam caught behind with the score on 15 – a good start !    However, the two batsmen now at the crease were very competent – Sandeep and Roshan never looked in trouble, and none of the bowlers could find a way through their defences : Sandeep retired on 61, ( nine 4s and one 6 )  and it wasn’t until the score was on 133  ( score book doesn’t say but I guess some 25 overs had been bowled ) that Roshan contrived to run himself out for 47. The run rate had been slow at the start ( around 3 an over in the early stages ) , and as Kingsgrove then showed they were mortal after all and gave Milan hope by losing some wickets in comparatively quick succession , the run rate picked up as a lot of quick singles were taken ( Kingsgrove are rather good at this )  - more details are not available as the scorebook is curiously incomplete ( to the extent that it is not known who got who out when )  but Kingsgrove closed their innings on 215 – for sure they could have got a lot more but they always seem content just to coast along ……Yogesh got 3 wickets, Sunil and Nand 2 apiece. 

So : could Milan bat properly ? 

Dreadful bowling saw Milan out of the starting blocks at a scamper : 55 for 0 after 6 overs, Kingsgrove  bowling LOTS of wides, Gurmel and Dave building a good base – and then the wheels came off big time : the bowling change saw Sandeep claim 2 victims in   3 balls : first Dave and then tragedy of all tragedies Sunil  : both bowled, Sunil without scoring.

No problem with the runs tho’, 6 or 7 being added every over, but could we keep our 

wickets ? Answer : No. Sandeep struck again in his second over, Gurmel being caught at point for 28 , 10 overs gone with the score on 78 for 3  - three more wickets then fell in quick succession before the score had made it into 3 figures, and that was basically that – more than a hundred still needed, and just who was going to get them ?  In the event Milan just collapsed, the final three batsmen all going for nought  - only 4 batsmen made it into double figures, and the fact that “Wides” was top scorer says a lot about the batting performances.  Milan all out for 127, still 15 overs at their disposal and another game lost.

Oh dear.











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