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MILAN  DERBY -  Milan C.C Vs.  Idle C. C.      
4th October 2009

The game between Milan and Idle the friendly rival is perhaps our cricket equivalent Milan Derby match.  This was the fourth and final game against Idle this season and Milan was determined to do well.  Half an hour before the start it was a pleasant surprise to see 15 Milan players on the ground, mainly because of Settimo Tigers. We requested three tigers, they brought the entire herd…of Seven. However the key strength were the five players from Bergamo Brescia who had already confirmed in the previous game and have also promised to become the permanent members of Milan Cricket club next year. 

Milan won the toss and Captain , elected to bat.  The match saw something never witnessed in Milan game, almost all the batsman scoring runs, and too at a very good rate. Gurmeel the opener steadied the innings and also the run rate – scoring 72 (66 balls). Sunil scored 38. However highlight of the Milan batting was the fearsome attack by Settimo tigers.  Naresh with his belligerent batting, scored 50 (40 balls), and Sandeep scoring 45 (38 balls).  Bhupi of Bergamo/Brescia clan  remained the anchor man when Naresh and Sandeep were scoring, and he himself scored another 50. Result was something that we have not witnessed for years, Milan scored 301 runs in 40 overs for loss of nine wickets. Last pair managed to hit 9 runs in final over to cross the 300 mark.  Well, to put it in right perspective last year under the ages of Captain Nand we won our first tournament, and this year, (read it Ross) …we crossed 300 mark for the first time ever. 

Steve , the Idle  captain already felt to reach 300 was a huge task, and we agreed to bowl the first Six over’s in a proper way and then let the Lodi batsman bat by change of bowling.  The bowling was opened by Yogesh and his unplayable delivery was too much for Lodi openers, especially Dushanta. He was determined to score and was trying to hit across all the time to fast out cutting deliveries. Twice he got hit on the body, ball taking his bats edge, once on the helmet. Finally he perished playing another cross bat shot on a new ball Yorker. There was not much to talk about Lodi batting. Wickets were shared between several bowlers, Sunil, Yogesh, Nand ,  Sonu, Naresh.  Lodi reached 180 plus but the game was sealed right at the beginning.  Almost 8 bowlers turned there arm for Milan and the evening ended with Milan rejoicing the victory with few glasses of Beer at the local pub. 












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