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Milan C.C. vs. West Linton C.C. 29 May 2010
Match photos 29 May  
Dinner photos

..... I turned a corner today and found myself in yesteryear, a bygone era in which the word “pod” invariably meant peas for tea, a  “blackberry” was something that filled your teeth full of pips (rather than something that gave you RSI and failing eyesight) and the cricket we played was of a different flavour....... fire up your Tardis, travel back in time with me and see how the MCC in its “senior” version got on!!                                                             *                      *                      *


Good – so your molecules made it through the time warp (tho’ sadly I see that the scorebook didn’t make it, so once again I am writing from memory). One of our better players from the early 1990s, wee Tony Brian, brought a team over from the wilds of Scotland – well: West Linton in Peeblesshire to be precise, just south of Edinburgh, which may not sound so wild to you, but I’ll have you know they have an annual ceremony whereby they install a virgin one day, and then whip her through the streets the next, which sounds pretty wild to me (but only costs £5 to watch according to their website - that strikes me as value for money). 

For those of you unable to be there, here’s what you missed from the MCC 1990s revival fixture!

Chris Morgan being authoritative and playing!

Mike de Morgan keeping wicket.

Jonathan out for nought (a much more common occurrence 15 years ago!)

Miles bowling / chuntering

 Jonathan bowling

Robert taking a catch

Tony Brian in floppy headgear

A good dinner in the evening 

The threatened meteorological washout never materialised (although the pre-match downpour resulted in a very slow outfield), a gallimaufry (I did warn you!) of the bold and the (not so) beautiful MCC turned up, the toss was duly lost and off we go! Milan batting first.

Worth reminding you that so far this season Milan have an unblemished record – all matches won, and more importantly most of the overs batted out as well...but would it all continue?

As mentioned I have no stats or names to hand, so if I don’t do your effort justice by omitting your gallant efforts I apologise  -  openers Mervyn and Fabio made a good start adding about 5 runs an over in the face of some not-very-hostile bowling and some rather sedentary fielding : however within 20 minutes both openers were out; batsmen 3 + 4  Sandeep and Robert both put together respectable scores – Sandeep retired unbeaten on 51 and Robert eventually was out for 31 (made his trip all the way from Lucca worthwhile !) – Miles came in and after a few lusty blows graciously gave an inch-perfect catch to the man at backward square leg; other batsmen came and went, but all the time the score moved along at the same rate: 5 an over – Mark Wilman came of age with a positive score of 23, Mike de Morgan then contrived to run himself out: his shot to cover was dropped but why oh why he did he wait for it to go down before running? Anyway, no chance of making his ground at the other end once he had made up his mind to go; Chris and Matthew Kirchin saw the innings out as the Milan total reached 171 for 8 ( I think ....)   

A decent enough score, and one of the W Linton team was heard to remark that at one stage they thought they were going to have to chase a total of 200+ .... and none of the Milan team knew anything about the batting line-up. 

West Linton started slowly.... and continued slowly ....and finished slowly – the average run rate fluctuated between 2 and 3 an over; none of the batsmen (with exception of the opener who played some lovely straight shots) took the fight to the bowlers – an outrageous one-handed catch by Jonathan chasing back to deep backward square leg saw West Linton fold for a total of 57 all out with just over half the allotted overs used - good work done by all the bowlers: fewer extras than normal were given away, and we should just mention some names here: David bowled with his customary precision, Miles and Fabio picked up wickets, Jonathan got 2 for 8 off 3, Mark got 2 wickets in 4 balls (that’s what the scorebook said ), but pick of the bunch was Matthew Kirchin making his official MCC debut with 2 wickets (one of which was Tony Brian’s, no less)   - so well done to him. 

Apologies to all the W Linton team whose names I do not have to hand – thank you all for having come over – thanks, too, to Mike, Chris, Mervyn, Robert and Miles for playing ( don’t leave it so long next time !) – and a big thank-you to Chris for organising the weekend.

Right: I’m off to start packing for the Zuoz weekend and see a) if I can avoid freezing to death in the middle of June and b) if I can avoid adding to my growing collection of ducks this season .....                                

I finish by noting that you can look around the globe and struggle to find anywhere where there is peace and harmony : but when Miles complains that the mat was to blame for the quality of his bowling you know that all is right with the world, even if it is the world of 15 years
ago ! ! 

Jonathan  (born again bowler ?!)