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Milan C.C. vs. XL C.C. September  18th 2010

Dear all,
Match report attached and given the technological problems encountered last time, pasted below - my apologies for the horrendous lack of statistical detail - please note, in case I didn't mention it below, that I got 3 wickets.

Milan vs XL – September 18th

A most inauspicious start to the day – no sun, no kit, no bails, no scorebook – and not enough Milan players – not the welcome hoped for for our guests of the day! The XL crew ( I should mention that that is Latin for 40, rather than a reference to a sartorial need for some dieting ) are over here for a week or so of golf, cricket and opera at the Arena in Verona; this their opening fixture, so important for them to get a good result.

With leaden skies threatening throughout play finally got under way once the 3 missing players had been summoned from Bergamo – 25 overs to be played, Milan invited to bat first.
(Now here is my customary apology – I didn’t score this game, I never got to see our scores, I don’t know how most of us were out, and no names were matched to our bowling / fielding performances , so I will ask you just to go with the flow and try to interpret my vague recollections as best you can – but I can tell you I got 3 wickets )

Stephen Lockett and new boy Tanuj opened the innings – memory tells me that most of the bowling was of the gentler kind in terms of pace - Tanuj only lasted a few overs (low score) , so Mervyn accompanied Stephen for a while before being run out for 13 (this figure I’m sure of, so it’s probably wrong) - Vicki and Nand partnered Stephen before being out for single figure scores (low score for Vicky and Nand stumped for 8, trying to hit a particularly loopy delivery) – Stephen top scored with a 40 +. The run rate was approximately 4 an over for the first dozen overs, then crept up to 5 – Bhupi was joined at the
crease by Jonathan in the 18th over with the score on 90ish – his departure 2 overs (low score) later saw the arrival of new boy Rodrigo, an opening bat by all accounts (so sensible to put him in at number 8) – and with the necessity to up the scoring a bit they saw the innings out, Jonathan finishing with a score in the high teens and Rodrigo probably just topping 20 – the Milan score was 141 for 6.

Yogesh opened the MCC attack from the pavilion end but neither he nor the pacier bowlers could make any inroads, but the batsmen seemed to have little hope of getting the ball to the Karthik-designed boundary (boy, did those flags seem a LONG way away !) – a few singles here and there
plus some customary wides saw the score trundle along at 4 an over – eventually David Sweetman ( from the guile and style school of bowling) made the breakthrough from the Nets end, picking up 2 wickets in successive balls – Nand got his 2 with successive balls ( one with his trademark demon fast(er) delivery) but the opening batsman was still there – he finally lost his patience in the 19th over and went for a powerful cover drive but was bowled by Jonathan, who then claimed his second of the day thanks to a stunning catch by Karthik at point
( “stunning” in MCC language means that he caught it ) – and then picked up his third of the day in the 4th of his allotted 5 overs. By this point the bedraggled XLers were well out of the running with a run rate that had failed to move from 4 to 5 an over and a score that just managed to get into 3 figures – all out for 103, I think.

Rain notwithstanding ( and there was a lot of it ) an enjoyable day –thanks to
everyone who braved the elements, thanks to Mike who masterminded the whole
thing, and thanks to the XLers who were doubtlessly expecting something
different, meteorologically speaking !