The Spirit of Cricket at A.S.Milan Cricket Club

The objective of the A.S.Milan Cricket Club is and has always been to provide an entertaining and interesting game of cricket for those who live in the Lombardy area and who want to play some cricket. The emphasis is on competitive cricket played in a friendly and respectful manner, and allowing every player to participate in the game, in as much as their respective abilities will allow. This sometimes makes it very difficult for the captain, as he may be torn between the teamís need to win or at least put in the best performance possible, and the wish to get everybody involved, but we do feel that it is essential that everyone take part in the game and take home happy memories with him.

As a club we have managed to survive and generally speaking prosper over the past 40 years, and many, many friendships have been made over that time amongst our players and also with many opposition players. Cricket is a wonderful game in that respect : taking a long time to play, it allows time for contact between the respective teams.

In recent years, there has been a great increase in the development of the game throughout Europe and, more importantly for us, here in Northern Italy. Many new teams have been formed, especially in the Bergamo and Brescia areas. No doubt more clubs would begin to play if more grounds were available, and we feel that, although the main effort in this respect must come from the clubs and their members, the F.C.I. ( Italian Cricket Federation) could and indeed should do more to help, once a serious local interest has been established.

Very soon we will begin our 41st. season. We have a fair number of players available but could always do with some more keen members. Unfortunately, some cricketers come to Milan to work and do not hear about our Club for some time. We intend to advertise our presence more this year, and our excellent  web site will help a lot in this respect.

This season as usual we are planning some trips abroad. The first will be to Velden in Austria in May, then in June we will play in the annual tournament in Zuoz, Switzerland. Finally, at the end of September we will travel to Valetta, Malta to play two matches against the Marsa team.

Last season saw the opening of our dressing room which has been a great addition to the facilities at Settimo. This season we have re laid our wicket which is, of course,  artificial. After approximately 25  years of service from our old mat we have purchased a new mat from Notts Sports, and this will be in place in time for the start of the new season at the end of March.

Further details of our fixtures, contacts etc., can be found on our web site. 

David Sweetman
President, A.S. Milan Cricket Club
7th March 2013

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