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MCC vs Settimo. Game 1. March 25th 2012
By Karthik Duraisami

Match photos

A condensed report befitting a shabby score book.

Spring, as is natures way, provides a fresh beginning. MCC likewise had a fresh start with Ramesh at the helm and with three new players Simon, Irfaan and Nicolo joining the ranks. The lessons from Serie C, the punctuality bit, were made to wait as a combination of time adjustment due to daylight saving time, and the detour most had to take as a car-free Sunday was observed in many parts resulted in a delayed start. A twelve a side game was agreed on, with Chris and Waqas playing for the opposite camp. This bears repeating, Waqas and Chris played for them.

Put to field after the toss, Sunil and Sonu started proceedings well sending down a spell of sustained accuracy. Sonu, in particular, beat the bat consistently but had nothing to show for his efforts - the price of being a touch too good. A run out gave Milan the first break through, courtesy of a good throw from Sonu from Point with Simon on wicket keeping duties completing the formalities. Bhupi coming in as first change claimed his first wicket of the season thanks to a great low catch by Sunil diving forward. Nand, after walking Simon through his pre-delivery antics when sending down the 'faster' one , managed to draw the batsman out in his very first over only for Simon to fluff the chance. Nand, later in the spell, also had to stomach a reasonably comfortable catch go down, the captain being the culprit this time around.

With not many runs on the board Ramesh then thought it wise to give his most volatile bowler a go. The following analogy goes some way into explaining what happened next. Just as new dads have a reduced level of testosterone, seeing Waqas, our baby playing for them, readying himself at the strikers end, triggered in me a hormonal adjustment that led me to bowl my most docile spell ever. It is just as well that the score book is shabby.

Things returned to normalcy after that ONE over.

Irfaan given a chance to roll his arm did well taking three wickets in the space of two overs. Settimo were bundled out for a below par 94. For MCC, Sunil, Bhupi, Sonu and Nand all ended with a wicket each to their credit. On the batting front Irfaan top scored with 38 and Simon looked fluent for his 11.


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